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AUA APC Care Coordination Steps to Success Toolkit

See the results from a survey of healthcare providers conducted by American Urological Association (AUA) in collaboration with Pfizer Oncology to assess current practice patterns in care coordination of advanced prostate cancer (APC) patients, as well as case study best practices.

African American Men’s Health One-Pager

Learn about Pfizer Oncology’s patient education initiative to help African American men stay on top of routine health checkups and screenings.

Veteran Community Care Network Summary

Learn how providers can enroll their practice in the VA Community Care Network (CCN) to support the care of veterans in their community.

Living Healthy Cookbook With Information About Urologic Cancers

Find information on healthy eating and nutrition labels, grocery shopping tips, recipes, and more for patients with urologic cancers.

Advanced Prostate Cancer—Patient Guide Fact Sheet

Use this guide to educate patients on the stages and types of advanced prostate cancer so that they can better understand their risk factors and treatment options.

African American Men’s Checklist Fact Sheet

Encourage African American patients, who may be at higher risk for many health issues, to take charge of their well-being with this checklist. Find recommendations on how to stay healthy, when to see a doctor, and a list of different checkups and exams.

UCF Podcast Series One-Pager

Share the Urology Care Foundation Caregiver Podcast Series with patients and their loved ones so that they can listen to and reflect upon 6 stories about prostate cancer from the perspective of caregivers.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Patient Guide

Support patients with disease education, diagnosis information, and treatment options for advanced prostate cancer. This comprehensive guide also contains a glossary, details about lifestyle changes, and a personalized notes section.

Prostate Conditions Education Council (PCEC) Advanced Prostate Cancer Dictionary

Help patients understand common words and terminology used by healthcare providers when talking about advanced prostate cancer.

ZERO Ask the Doctor Fact Sheets

Use these 4 educational fact sheets to provide patients with answers from a doctor on topics such as prostate cancer biomarkers and family history, screening for high-risk men, living with prostate cancer, and shared decision-making.