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ACCURE Pragmatic Quality Improvement Trial

See how a system-based, practical intervention helped improve cancer treatment completion and helped reduce racial disparities among both Black and White lung and breast cancer patients.


Navigation In a Community Setting

Watch an interview with thoracic oncology nurse navigator Dana Herndon in which she discusses the individual and personal nature of navigation and how we can also accomplish the goal of navigation in a community setting.


The Real Meaning of Health Equity

Tune in to a conversation with radiation oncologist Dr. Matthew Manning in which he shares the real meaning of health equity, its importance in oncology, social determinants of health, and more.


ACCURE Trial: Real Word Practice

Listen to Dr. Matthew Manning and Dana Herndon from Cone Health address how their institution is putting the concepts of the ACCURE trial into real-world practice.


Overcoming Systemic Barriers

Hear from Dr. Samuel Cykert on strategies to
reduce healthcare disparities, overcome systemic barriers like racism, and build a stronger community.


Fighting Healthcare Disparities

Catch another conversation with Dr. Samuel Cykert on participatory research, which brings together people in the community who have experienced barriers to better understand the systems they’ve had to overcome and fight healthcare disparities moving forward.

Innovation Showcase: Promoting Equity in Cancer Care

Take a look at this presentation from a cross-industry event that addresses why health equity should be a strategic priority in the oncology space and why culturally sensitive care is important.