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Patient Navigation in Cancer Care 2.0

The Patient Navigation in Cancer Care Toolkit examines the history and evolution of navigation, the core competencies, current models of navigation, and the role of the navigator along the care continuum. The toolkit also explores the importance of administrative engagement and standardized metrics for the development of a successful navigation program. Important resources are provided in this toolkit for professional and program development.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Navigation Resource

Metastatic breast cancer (mBC) is a challenging diagnosis on all levels—physically, psychosocially, and spiritually. For a patient with mBC, a navigator provides essential support to meet the challenges this diagnosis brings. The quality of support in mBC depends on the depth of a navigator’s knowledge of the disease— deepening such knowledge is the goal of this toolkit.

Advanced Prostate Cancer Navigation Resource

Advanced prostate cancer navigation and survivorship care have evolved over time. The nurse and patient navigator roles have grown to address various key issues, such as following survivors after their treatment, the continuing importance of early detection, and adherence to treatment in keeping with standards of care. This resource will serve as an important tool for nurse navigators, patient navigators, and other healthcare team members involved in the management of patients with advanced prostate cancer.